FERRIER FILES: Tennessee cop creates fashion line for women in the line of duty

(Courtesy 10-Four)

Alisha James is a career law enforcement officer; first with Metro Police, then with the federal government and not with the state of Tennessee.

She has been carrying a gun since she was 22, and she is good. Hand her any gun, and she will figure it out fast.

James is an expert with a gift for training others, including Fox 17 News' Dennis Ferrier.

“Dennis, widen your stance, lean a little forward and you are flinching a little before you pull the trigger it is pulling your shots left,” James instructed.

It was an instant improvement. That is Alisha's gift. She can look at something and then make it better.

“10-four clothing was created for women who like to carry concealed weapons while wearing business attire," James said. "We just made it fully functional."

Alisha has always loved fashion, but creating clothes for women who like to carry took some old fashioned contempt.

“I just really thought about what I hated about a suit, what I hated about a suit as it related to conceal carry and then ripped it apart," James said. "I fixed everything I hated and that birthed the clothing line."

Two-inch waist bands to support any size firearm, belt loops, slight wider legs, inside pockets, lots of stretch, all designed to make carrying a gun easier while in a professional dress code.

“Nobody else is doing this," James said. "It's cutting edge. There is some fearlessness in it because I believe women deserve to be in this lane. There are a lot of women in law enforcement, and it's growing."

10-four clothing is a brand new company but you can pre-order suits that will be available in December. the website is

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