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Biden on student loans and debt
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Biden on student loans and debt   

President Joe Biden remarks on the administration's efforts to cancel student debt and support students and borrowers.

Healing through loss: Nashville woman pens heartfelt book on sister's organ donation legacy

Nashville woman pens heartfelt book on sister's organ donation legacy (Photo of the Boullt family provided to FOX 17 News)
Nashville woman pens heartfelt book on sister's organ donation legacy (Photo of the Boullt family provided to FOX 17 News)
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It is impossible to get through life without heartache. If you live long enough, you will suffer loss.

Lisa Boullt healed a 30 year-old-wound in a most unusual way. By doing something she had never done before and by doing something she didn’t even know she could do.

The Nashville author wrote “17 Again: A Story of Life After Life.” It’s a book about her sister.

Andrea Boullt died in a car accident 30 years ago. She also happened to be an organ donor. At the time of her death, that didn’t seem important. Everyone was just too sad.

But a couple years ago, Boullt decided it was important and started searching.

“I found out four names and six organs were used and that just sparked something in my heart to try to explain more about organ donation to young children, younger children getting their ID, learning to drive, getting the knowledge that if something happened they can help someone else,” said Boullt.

As Lisa continued writing, she started remembering things she forgot or didn’t know.

“It was amazing because I forgot what a great friend she was, her friends helped me tell stories I didn’t know about,” Boullt added. “She was such a great friend to her friends, she loved hard, and I wanted to get the message out. Be a good person. Be a great friend.”

Something also happened to Lisa: something profound. She discovered she never processed the grief of losing her little sister.

“I lost 50 pounds during the process, I call it grief, I let things go, it wasn’t intentional as I was writing the story, got healthier, my faith was stronger just realizing she did a really good thing by being there for families,” said Boullt.

Andrea is in six people: two corneas, two kidneys, her liver and her beautiful heart. Lisa believes that Andrea shines through in every one of them.

“She lit up a room, and she was energetic, and I would love to have seen or hoped that they got those special pieces of her. The love. The friendship, the heart – her heart – how she saw things in her eyes,” remembers Boullt.

Lisa Boullt’s first book signing was a smash success for an unknown, first-time author to raise $3,500. The book debuted number one on Amazon’s teen fiction on young adult death issues as well as a best seller on young adult fiction values and virtues.

“I am blessed beyond measure, I call it my God assignment, because I never knew I wanted to write a book or I could write a book. I just did it,” said Boullt.

Lisa felt the presence of her sister the entire time she was writing the book. She believes she had a co-author. You can find the book on Amazon here.

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