Tech Review: Samsung Gear VR Oculus


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--If you own a Samsung Galaxy 6 or later, the future is now with the Samsung Gear VR Oculus.

I've been hesitant to "buy-in" on 3-D gadgets since I've been let down more often than not. So when I took the Gear VR out of the box and plugged in the Galaxy S7 Edge, I was ready for a let-down.

Instead, I uttered the word everyone else uttered when they tried it...WOW!

The Gear VR immediately astonishes you at the menu. You're immediately transported to the courtyard of a movie theater complete with areas to sit, a rotating globe and the cineplex all beneath the night stars. Look anywhere and everywhere around you and it feels like you are about to enter into an experience.

It's a savvy set-up by the folks at Samsung because you truly are about to enter a great cinematic experience. From movies, to museum tours, live concerts and mystery games, the Gear VR transports you to new worlds.

A touchpad on the side of the VR makes movement for games and selecting your favorite films a breeze. Just be sure to plug in your favorite earbuds to truly immerse yourself in the experience.

While you are guaranteed a great experience, you can also see the potential for future VR devices. The VR is clear and you will enjoy every second, but you can see some pixelation and getting the right lens focus for you can take some time.

Aside from two drawbacks to be expected with early generation tech, the VR will certainly give you an experience you won't forget and will keep coming back for.

For just $99, it's worth every penny in my opinion. Just be sure to order now because the Samsung VR is currently on back order at Verizon.

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