New "Gotham" Season, Bigger Badder and Better than Ever


LOS ANGELES - Its dark. It's violent, and it's better than ever.

When it comes to villains, the new season of "Gotham," is bigger badder and better than ever. Season three peels back the curtain to the criminal organization The Court of the Owls, but it also continues to develop the story lines of Gotham's rogues gallery.

Cory Michael Smith is the conflicted Edward Nygma, on a downward spiral of madness, and at the bottom he'll find his new identity, the Riddler.

"The fear is like, oh my gosh, I'm taking on this iconic character," Smith said. "I'm the third live-action Riddler, I can't mess this up."

Robin Lord Taylor is back for another season as the devilish Penguin.

"Oh my gosh, it's a dream," Taylor said. "It's amazing"

Perhaps even more amazing is he's nothing like the criminal character he plays.

"I am a very non-confrontational person," Taylor said. "Conflict scares me, I run away from it. So to be able to be that guy, for nine months of the year is just an incredible experience. It's so much fun."

This season the battle for Gotham's soul reaches a turning point.

"It was fun and games, and then it was homicidal and really dark," Smith said.

And the stakes have never been higher.

It's going to turn Gotham on it's head so that's what I'm excited for," Taylor said.

Catch new episodes of "Gotham" Mondays this fall on Fox 17.

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