Music City Stars: Charley Pride

(Fox 17 News)

Pride on Pride.

County Music Hall of Fame member Charley Pride is out with his first new album in years.

The new record includes a song written by fellow Grand Ole Opry member, “Whisperin” Bill Anderson who is a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

In a one on one interview with Fox 17 News, Pride who grew up in Mississippi, says music was his back-up plan.

"When Jackie Robinson went to the major leagues, I said okay, here's my way, as young as I was that's my thought-- out of the cotton field. I thought if I went to the major leagues and break all the records by the time I was 35 or 36 then maybe I could go sing," Pride said.

Pride’s career features 36 number one country hits and the sale of more than 70 million records. How does a man with only one million selling single, “Kiss An Angel Good Morning,” manage to sell so many records? Pride says it’s by living the advice he got from legendary record producer Cowboy Jack Clement.

"If the song is an 'A' song we're going to make it a 'double A.' If it's a 'triple A,' we're going to make it a 'double, double A'," Pride explained. "Every song, we wanted it to reflect it could be a single and that's why I believe I sold so many albums over those years."

Pride’s new single “Standing In My Way,” features the voice that made him a star, still strong, resonant and unmistakably country.

Pride’s new album is called “Music In My Heart” on the Music City Records label.

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