"Empire" Season 3 a Greek Tragedy with a Hip Hop Flow

Empire (FOX TV)

LOS ANGELES - Blazing new tracks create the perfect backdrop for big time bombshells for Season 3 of "Empire," according to Bryshere "Yazz" Gray who plays Hakeem Lyon on the hit Fox show.

"The music [is what I'm most excited about,]" Gray said. "This is our best work ever."

Season 3 unveils the mystery of how Cookie became Cookie, as Lucious fights to defend his legacy from his sons, including Hakeem, who represents a generation ready to step out of the shadow and into the spotlight.

"He's speaking for all the young millenials around the world," Gray said. "e's that role model. He's that figure."

In a world where the stakes are so high, it's only a matter of time before someone pays the ultimate price.

"The first episode is going to set the tone for Season 3," Gray said. "e have lost someone."

To find out which character's part in this family drama is over, don't miss new episodes of "Empire" Wednesdays on Fox.

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