State Democrats call alleged undercover video of Bredesen staffers 'fake'

Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen (Photos submitted to FOX 17 News)

Tough words about U.S. Senate candidate Phil Bredesen allegedly coming from inside his campaign, according to a new video. It’s alleged because the undercover video has not been authenticated, but that's not stopping it from going viral. State democrats are calling the video a "fake." But a spokesperson for Bredesen's opponent, Marsha Blackburn, said people are "seeing Phony Phil at his worst."

The video is making its rounds on social media at a critical time in the race. Tennessee is just four weeks from Election Day in the hotly contested U.S. Senate race between Democrat Bredesen and Republican Marsha Blackburn.

According to the video made by the conservative activist group "Project Veritas", a Bredesen campaign volunteer is wearing a hidden camera talking with other Bredesen volunteers and staffers who call Bredesen a liar. None of it is true, according to Bredesen's campaign. A campaign spokesperson said the volunteers in the video are not campaign staffers. FOX 17 News was told the people in the video are State Democratic Party volunteers making calls and doing door knocking campaigns for various democratic candidates.

"This fake volunteer used secret video recording equipment to capture uninformed and speculative comments made last weekend by college students and youth organizers," Democratic Party spokesman Mark Brown said.

State Democrats say the woman behind the camera is Molly Camper, a fake volunteer, planted by “Project Veritas” known for controversial political attack videos. FOX 17 News reached out to Camper. Her phone went straight to voicemail and she has not yet responded to an email requesting comment from her.

“Tennesseans are not ignorant, and in fact, they see through Phil Bredesen’s phony campaign tactics and now they’re seeing ‘Phony Phil’ at his worst. This is exactly the kind of ‘say whatever to get elected’ politics Tennesseans hate. Marsha always says you 'may not always agree with me, but you will always know where I stand.’ She will do the right thing for Tennessee every time, and Phil Bredesen will do what is politically expedient for him and the national Democrats who are propping up this campaign. After all, Phil has told us, he is running to end the dry spell for Tennessee Democrats," Abbi Sigler, a Blackburn campaign spokeswoman said.

Political consultant John Rowley has been making campaign ads for nearly 30 years and tells FOX 17 News this type of political hit piece is easy to make.

“If you're doing an undercover gotcha video, you can make Mother Teresa look like the bad person. It's really kind of a video and political hackery version of entrapment where you can take things out of context. It's a very chopped-up video,” said Rowley.

He worries the edits have hidden details voters need to see.

“It's been selectively edited. There's probably hours of conversations where some of these folks probably said some things counter to what was on the video. There's no telling how many times they tried to ask them the same questions,” said Rowley.

Whether this video is authentic or not, it comes down to what the voters believe on Election Day.

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