Pastor pleads guilty to sexual assault charges in Lewisburg

Willie Clarence White, Courtesy of News-Democrat & Leader

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) -- A pastor pleads guilty to four counts of sexual abuse in Logan Circuit Court Thursday, September 13.

News-Democrat & Leader reports that Willie Clarence White, Associate Pastor of Focus Church of Lewisburg, Ky., admitted to the charges of third degree sexual abuse for groping girls who are underage.

In 1980, White was charged with first degree rape but there wasn't a sex offender registry then.

White will now be on the sex offender registry for life, a 90 day sentence, a two year probation period, and is not able to contact the victims or families.

When asked why he did it, White responded with "When I was hugging the girls, I touched their butts for sexual gratification" News-Democrat & Leader reports.

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