St. Jude Dream Home Honoree

(Ian Miller)

When Fox 17 first introduced you to Ian Miller, he'd just wrapped up treatment and his parents held onto hope that defied all the stats doctors gave them. They said then they just wanted to see him go to kindergarten and possibly play soccer, but added that they realized there were no guarantees.

Fast forward seven years and you'd never know he's endured five brain surgeries. Ian made it to kindergarten, loves riding the bus and just finished second grade.

His mom, Anna Miller says, doctors didn't give the family a lot of hope during the initial diagnosis. At just 16 months old, scans showed a rare brain tumor. It's so rare, only one in 3 million people get this. Ian's parents noticed an eye pointing inward and he was throwing up. Ians mom adds, "Our doctor listened to us and really wanted to rule out the worst case scenario, but it was worst case scenario. He was crying and he said 'Anna, I'm so sorry, but there is a 6 centimeter tumor on his brain and we need to make some decisions today. ' "

Ian's dad Jason recalls that first conversation, "The first hospital we went to, he just kind of looked at us and said um I give him a 50 50 shot."

The Millers chose St. Jude Children's Research Hospital which treats the sickest of the sick... the children, like Ian, other hospitals give up on.

Anna Miller adds, "Ultimately, that's why we ended up there because they had treated more of this type of cancer than anybody else." His family says they owe St. Jude a debt they'll never be able to repay.

They say it's an honor to have this year's St. Jude Dream Home built in their son's honor. Ian's given it his stamp of approval saying, "It's nice and I want them to check it out and buy a ticket too to win the house."

His dad summing this journey up this way, "We love to celebrate. We love to remind him, to remind everybody that prayed for us, everybody that was a big part of this that this is a big victory that's worth celebrating!"

Only 10 days left until Fox 17 gives away the St. Jude Dream Home June 26. Don't miss out, get your ticket here and help St. Jude researchers save more children like Ian Miller.

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