Franklin student who survived brain cancer hopes to work at hospital that saved her

Mallory Corzine, a brain cancer survivor, hopes one day to work at St. Jude, the hospital that saved her life. (WZTV)

Only on Fox 17, a Lipscomb University student who survived brain cancer is studying now to help the hospital that helped her.

When you hear this Franklin student talk about having part of her right temporal lobe in her brain removed, it's clear she's one determined gal.

Mallory Corzine shows us where the scar starts and ends and explains why she got a tattoo beside the scar that says 'Give Thanks.' It's because that's the slogan for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital--- the hospital that saved her life.

Corzine says her goal is to one day work at St. Jude and that's why she's at Lipscomb University. She's studying to be a child life specialist. Those are the St. Jude staffers who help children understand what's happening to them.

Doctors diagnosed Corzine with a brain tumor at age 6. Since it was not cancerous at the time, doctors monitored the tumor. Then, three years later, it turned into cancer. Her family rushed her to St. Jude for brain surgery. The only deficit Corzine's noticed from the brain surgery is some short term memory loss. She adds, "The teacher says something and it's 50 / 50 of whether that information sticks or not."

So, this resilient student figured out if she learned sign language to study, she'd remember the material better. She explains how this helps her, "I made the connection that signs are using the visual part of my brain which is still intact. I was kind of getting into that memory without having to go into that broken spot."

Now, Corzine is looking forward to finishing her studies and getting back to St. Jude saying, "My hope is in the future to work at St. Jude."

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