'American Idol' Spotlight: Tristan McIntosh


American Idol's Farewell Season continued Wednesday night with more auditions in Philadelphia.

More than a hundred people supported Tristan McIntosh at a local watch party last week. The mid-state teen auditioned in Little Rock and made a big impact. Waterworks came on for viewers nationwide, with her mom's surprise return from serving overseas.

There's no question why American idol judges gave Tristan McIntosh a golden ticket. She captivated Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr., with her version of Mickey Guyton's, "Why , Baby,Why."

Tristan McIntosh says, " I anticipate everything. I would rather be let down really hard than to not expect something and be prepared for it."

What the 15-year-old didn't expect her mother...Army Major, Amy McIntosh.

Amy McIntosh says, "She'smy hero. She is doing everything she could for her dreams She came home one day and was like 'Mom, I got to step up my game' and I was like 'you definitely do.'"

To get to the next step, her family continues to helping her...from writing songs with her grandfather to sharing a love of commitment and music with her mom .

Before the Idol spotlight , the multi-instrumentalist started shining age Music City.

Tristan McIntosh says, "This competition is just the beginning. Music is what feelings sound like because I can emote what I feel better through music than I can just in real life through words. "

The Nashville School of Arts student performed at places like the Bluebird to Tootsies....

Amy McIntosh says, "She has been in every honky tonk in Nashville. She's accomplished so much. We tried the pop realm, we've tried the R&B realm but when she comes to you and says, mom country music is who I am that's when you say Tristan we are behind you 100%. "

Tristan says,"I honestly feel like it's about time that country has an artist of another ethnicity or just more female artist in the business. There's country, pop, rock, country blues, country death metal, country rap, country can be anything , You can't really put it in a box.

Major McIntosh says, "That connection that she made with all the viewers, is something that I know she will carry on until the end. I think there is no one else that could be the winner of American Idol for this Farewell Season but Tristan McIntosh.

Tristan says, "it's a road only up from here. "

Tristan McIntosh is one of several local Idol hopefuls to get the golden ticket. Follow the journey Wed/ Thurs nights on Fox 17.

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