Anchor Scott Couch visits Amqui Elementary School

(Fox 17 News)

all the third and fourth graders at Nashville’s Amqui Elementary School in Madison this afternoon.

He read two books to each group. They also talked about the importance of good manners, respecting your parents and teachers, being kind to each other.

Couch said he spoke with the students about celebrating their differences and not teasing classmates about things they have no control over like their names or whether they need glasses.

He shared with them the importance of reading and his belief that if you learn to read well you can learn anything.

" I have a third grader at home so I am familiar with this age group and what they’re into," Couch said. "I received the invitation from Amqui Librarian Susan Lapp, who I met last year when she was the librarian at Charlotte Park Elementary in West Nashville."

Couch said he's speaking at Charlotte Park on Friday for Read Across America Week.

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