Cheatham County School District visitors now required to scan IDs before entry


The Cheatham County School District recently updated the school visitor policy in order to enhance the safety of their students and staff.

The school district will be adding a number of security measures including implementing a new visitor management system which will scan visitors IDs before they are granted entry to one of the schools.

The new Raptors Visitor Management System requires visitors to scan their drivers license or passport which will compare their information with a database of sex offenders. Then store their information to prevent them from havig to repeat the process every time.

Visitors will also be required to sign a log book.

Below are the new procedures and expectations for those visiting schools:

  • All visitors must utilize the buzz-in entry systems and enter through front of school buildings.
  • All visitors must be greeted through buzz-in entry system then state name and purpose of visit before being allowed entry. (It is requested that visitors call ahead to prepare school staff of arrival.)
  • All visitors must go directly to school’s front office and show Photo Identification then sign on school log.
  • No visitors will be allowed to exit office and enter school building without valid Visitor Badge and/or staff escort.
  • Visitors are not allowed to photograph, video, or record any students, staff, or event on any electronic device that will interrupt the educational process during the day.
  • Before leaving school premises, visitors must sign out in front office.
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