Back to school: Wilson County

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Here's what you need to know going back to school in Wilson County:

Wilson County schools online registration opens July 10 and ends July 20, new students who pre-registered earlier this year and returning students will need to register during this window.

Any students returning or pre-enrolled students will need to update their information through Skyward Family Access as well as complete forms for the 2018-19 school year. This opens beginning July 6. Any other information you may need to know is listed below, further questions visit this link here.

Enrollment & Registration Overview

  • Wilson County Schools are free to children of school age that reside in Wilson County and do not reside in the Lebanon Special School District Zone (Pre-K – 8th Grade). A child will be a resident when;
  • The child is living with a natural parent or parent by legal adoption who resides in Wilson County
  • The child’s parents are dead and he is living with a person in loco parentis who resides in Wilson County.
  • The child’s parents are unable to care for the child and the child is living, not solely for school purposes, with a person who resides in Wilson County and is the court-appointed guardian, or has legal custody.
  • The child is living with a parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis in a temporary shelter in the school division, not solely for school purposes.
  • The child is living in Wilson County, not solely for school purposes, as an emancipated minor.
  • A child may be considered a resident of Wilson County for the purpose of free attendance if his/her residence is bona fide and not a superficial residence established for the purpose of attending school. Application for admission will be submitted to the Attendance Director who will determine whether the child is a bona fide resident of Wilson County.

If the family of a student who has been enrolled in the Wilson County School System moves out of Wilson County after the student has completed the junior year of high school and prior to the completion of the senior year, the student will be allowed to attend school for the remainder of their senior year. If the family of the student who is currently enrolled in the school system moves from one school attendance zone to another within the county, the student will be allowed to attend the current school with parents providing transportation until they complete the grade levels within the school. If the student has attendance, discipline, or academic issues the school principal can have the student attend their properly zoned school.

Entrance Requirements

  • Any child who will be five years old on or before August 15th of the current school year is eligible to enroll in the Wilson County School System. Children who are 5 after August 15th are not eligible to attend kindergarten.
  • The following entrance requirements must be met:
  • The child is a resident of Wilson County.
  • The child has a certificate of immunizations and a physical within the last year.
  • The child has a birth certificate or equivalent as proof of age. The birth certificate must be from the Bureau of Vital Statistics issued by the state in which the child was born.

The following documents are required in order to register

  • Birth Certificate or equivalent as proof of age. The birth certificate must be from the Bureau of Vital Statistics issued by the state in which the child was born.
  • Social Security Card (requested)
  • Tennessee Certificate of Immunization and proof of physical within the last year
  • Photo I.D. of Parent/Legal Guardian
  • Two Proofs of Residence. Examples:
  • TN Driver’s License or Photo I.D. with current address
  • Mortgage/Lease Statement for current address
  • Current Public Utility Bill such as water, gas, electric or landline phone bill (cell phone bill not accepted). Utility bills provided as proof of residence must be dated within 30 days prior to enrollment.
  • Motor vehicle registration with current address
  • Current employment record (Example: most recent check stub with home address)
  • Voter’s Registration Card
  • Documentation from TN Department of Human/Children’s Services for benefits with current address
  • Custody Papers (if applicable)
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