'Very tragic' Tennessee man shoots, kills boy he finds in daughter's room, police say
John Wesley Moore was arrested and charged with second-degree murder (Memphis Police Department)

A Tennessee man is accused of shooting and killing a boy he found in his daughter's room, according to police statements in an arrest affidavit.

John Moore, 56, is charged with second-degree murder in the deadly shooting on May 6 in the 1730 block of Edward Avenue near Hyde Park.

According to documents obtained by FOX 13 in Memphis, Moore allegedly found an underage boy in his daughter's bedroom and a fight broke out.

Court documents say Moore's fiancé called police to report the shooting. She reportedly told police that the boy took off running down the hallway when she heard gunshots. The affidavit says Moore admitted to his fiancé that he shot the boy.

The same day of the shooting, a woman called police to report her brother was missing. She told authorities she dropped her brother off at the Edward Avenue home the day before and hadn't heard from him since.

Family members identified the victim as 16-year-old James Paul Jr., or "J.P." They spoke of his life and plans to attend college after high school.

“He was very smart, funny, happy, loved to eat, try different foods," his dad said.

Right now, the family says they're fighting for justice.

“I just want justice for my nephew, I'm not going to lie" J.P.'s great aunt Ethel Alexander said. “He did not deserve to go the way he went. That was very tragic."

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