State introduces note, mask of accused Antioch church gunman before shooting rampage
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A note that the state is relying on to prove that the deadly Antioch church shooting was racially motivated was introduced into evidence on Tuesday.

The courtroom got its first look at the note reportedly written by accused gunman Emanuel Samson before a shooting rampage inside Burnette Chapel Church of Christ on Sept. 24, 2017.

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“Dylann Roof is less than nothing. The blood that 10 of your kind will shed is that of the color upon the RBG flag..1 up b*tch."

During opening arguments, the state said the note, left on Samson's Nissan Xterra found at the crime scene, is proof that Samson intended to kill 10 white church goers. 

Dylann Roof was convicted of killing nine African-Americans in South Carolina, thus Samson's hope to kill 10 "of your kind" in Antioch.

Samson faces a first-degree murder charge and 42 other indictments in connection to the shooting. If convicted, he could face life behind bars.

Testimony from law enforcement who first responded to the scene is ongoing.  

Prosecutors went through crime scene photographs to give jurors a good visual representation of what happened at the scene.  

Other photos submitted into evidence show the inside of Samson's car, which included an AR-15, ammunition, a notebook and other items.

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Watch the trial live below:

Parishioners who survived the deadly shooting took to the witness stand on Day one of the trial to share their stories of horror when a man opened gunfire inside their place of worship after a Sunday service.

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With a gunshot wound to her leg and a purse shielding her face, Catherine Dickerson described playing dead amid the chaos.

“I heard people die with their eyes open, and I didn’t think I could do it without blinking,” Dickerson recounted on the witness stand.

Minister Joey Spann recalled calling out to his wife, "he has killed me'" after being shot.

Witnesses described the mayhem when confronted with a masked-gunman and the feeling of impending death.  

Church goer Barbra Davis described seeing the mask and running from it. 

"I trip over my best friend, I stumble. I turn again because that person to me was running, and I look right into this white smile. It’s just right here in my face. Then I get knocked down. Hit on my left shoulder," Davis said.

There's nearly 30 witnesses in the case.

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