Tennessee, Kentucky will be front row for the Total Solar Eclipse


With the total solar eclipse fast approaching, people in middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky will have a front row seat to the historic event.

If you haven’t picked out a spot on where to be see the August 21 eclipse in its totality, you will want to soon so you can plan ahead.

The path of totality will stretch from Kentucky all the way through Tennessee. Several areas in the Fox 17 viewing area will be in perfect view of the total solar eclipse.

Here are a few spots you can see the total solar eclipse the longest:

  • Clarksville- 2 minute 19 seconds
  • Gallatin- 2 minute, 40 seconds
  • Cookeville- 2 minute, 32 seconds

Nashville is not in the direct path but will have a viewing time of 1 minute and 57 seconds.

The total solar eclipse will not last long because the moon is moving fast at around 1,800 mph to be exact.

Make sure you get a good seat to this rare event while it passes through Tennessee and Kentucky.

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