Tennessee drought putting plants at risk


The drought may be putting plants you don't usually water this time of year at risk.

Bates Nursery horticulturist Adam Chapman says you should be deeply watering bushes and plants once a week if you planted them in the last two years.

Older plants should be watered every few weeks and not just because of the drought.

"If it gets really really cold and the plants are dry that actually makes the cold that much worse," said Adam Chapman.

Your landscaping isn't the only part of your house that could be impacted by the drought.

The clay ground that makes up the foundation of your house could be drying out causing some places to settle.

Frontier Basement Systems owner Layn Gerbers says the first signs of this will be cracks above doors and windows along with both becoming harder to close.

He says it may be a sign you need to hire someone to do foundation repair.

"It's not gonna heal itself when it gets wet again it's not gonna push it back," said Gerbers.

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