How will the 2016 Drought affect the mid-state in the long term?

Drought conditions in Rutherford County. (WZTV)

Tennessee officials said the current drought situation has potential to have long term effects and they are monitoring the situation closely.

Gene Davidson is the state executive director for the farm service agency within the US Dept of Agriculture, he says he hasn't seen a drought this bad-- ever.

"It's the most critical that I have seen in my lifetime," Davidson said.

Davidson said some of the foods usually produced in Tennessee may not be available.

"It would have an impact on the food, if you can get it, in Tennessee it could impact it that much, so, what is happening, they'll have to bring in food from other states, which they do anyway, but normally, some of the foods, being produced here, won't be available," Davidson said.

Davidson says the agency doesn't know if that will actually happen, but says they're looking at the drought situation very closely and only time will tell.

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