Fire makes it to the bottom of Lookout Mountain in East Tennessee

Smoke and fire has made it to the bottom of Lookout Mountain in East Tennessee. (WTVC)

(WTVC) Fire is quickly spreading on the side of Lookout Mountain. It's now made it into the valley below.

Emily Lawson called 911 when she saw flames headed for her house. I looked up in the woods behind my house and thought 'oh no! it's coming right at me,'" Lawson said. "I told them somebody needs to come to the bottom and look because it's already down here."

Lawson's farm house is tucked into the very bottom of the mountain, miles from main roads.

Her call directed firefighters to this spot where they began cutting these breaks to get ahead of the fire.

Forestry crews say they now have the fire about a quarter contained, but it's still growing.

"I kept saying well what if a limb comes down and it jumps over," Lawson said.

Thursday bulldozers rattled back and forth through Lawson's back yard, widening the paths they've made to stop the spread of flames.

Lawson says she watches the flames every night from her patio just feet away.

"They've really done a good job, so I wanted to trust, but it's hard when you are standing there just watching it come closer and closer."

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