Farmers Dealing With Tennessee Drought

This is what's left of a river through Canterbury Farms -- a dry bed. (WZTV)

Bobby Canterbury's been farming his Rutherford County land his whole life. Right now, his only focus is keeping things alive.

A dry bed is all that’s left of the river that runs through Canterbury Farms. So, Canterbury has to haul in two tanks of water first thing every morning and the cow's come running. He adds, “Me financially, this is the worst drought I've been through.”

A little further South in Christiana, farmer Donald Jernigan is hopeful for the forecasted rain Friday night into Saturday. Still, he has to stay diligent and realistic saying, “A half an inch is not going to be a drought buster either. It won't add water in the ponds or ditches. It will be absorbed quickly.”

For Canterbury, dealing with the drought brings a lot of extra work and he’s not sure he'll have much to show for it. He explains it this way, “I'm going to struggle this year to break even.”

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