Drought dries up part of river in Rutherford, Tennessee still under state of emergency

Drought conditions dry up part of Stone's River normally under water in Rutherford County (WZTV)

Wildfires have burned more than ten thousand acres across the state and that's just in the last 24 hours.

Tennessee is under a level three state of emergency.

In Rutherford County parts of the Stone's River are dry enough to walk across the creek bed.

Burn bans and water restrictions are in place but the fire department says it may have to crack down on enforcement.

Captain Larry Sloan of the Rutherford Co Fire Dept. Says, "we're almost going to have to start issuing fines for people who continue to burn against the ban. It's not going to be lifted anytime in the foreseeable future."

TEMA says 302 of the state's 480 water systems are experiencing some level of drought impact.

At least 3 counties have requested water for residents whose wells have run dry.

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