Waste Watch: Plan to save billions in taxpayer money at Pentagon swept under the rug

Watch the video above for a special Waste Watch report from WZTV, Fox 17 Nashville. (gregwest98 / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

A plan to save more than a hundred billion wasted tax dollars at the Pentagon had been swept under the rug.

This during talks of squeezing military benefits and pay due to what the Pentagon calls a tight budget.

Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper (D) signing his name to a letter with more than 30 others on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after the Washington Post reports the Pentagon ignored the cost-savings in order to avoid budget cuts.

Finding more money for fighting wars is reportedly the reason the Pentagon requested this report from its Defense Business Board.

$125-billion dollars that could be redirected to "warfighter priorities" is what the board found.

It's a group that gives advice to the Pentagon on business practices from the private sector.

But its report got shot down once released last year when its 77-pages revealed more than $125-billion dollars in wasteful spending with just as many office personnel as military members.

These slides from the report show 6 departments having a workforce equivalent of 40 Pentagons ranging from human resources to real property management.

The Washington Post claims the report documents far more wasteful spending than expected and senior defense leaders tried discrediting and suppressing the results.

The Washington Post says interviews and confidential memos suggest Pentagon leaders feared Congress would cut the department's budget upon seeing these findings.

All the Pentagon had to do was allow attrition and early retirements, hire more competitively with contractors and more efficiently use information technology.

Now that this hasn't been done, Congress want answers.

More specifically, the board's report shows that $125-billion dollars saved could have fully funded 50 Army brigades, 10 Navy carrier strike group deployments or 83 F-35 Fighter wings for the Airforce for five whole years.

Fox 17 will continue to follow this congressional investigation.

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