Waste Watch: PAC Not Spending Money Raised on Campaigns

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NASHVILLE, TN - $800,000 raised by a Political Action Committee supposedly supporting the Trump campaign.

But the presidential candidate hasn't seen a dime of that money.

Fox 17 has found at least two times when someone withdrew cash from the account.

Otherwise, it's being spent on consultants and advertisements only to raise more money for the PAC.

But no one knows exactly where that money is going.

The Liberty Action Group, based in Texas, is a hot topic on the streets of Nashville and online tonight.

Feedback on forums like reddit have people wondering if the solicitation for donations under Trump's name is a scam.

PACs are legally bound to report their earnings and expenditures to the Federal Election Commission.

A filing by the Liberty Action Group on June 30th shows it brought in more than $786,000 so far in 2016.

The PAC reports spending $740,000. lists none of those contributions going to federal candidates.

And Fox 17 found no evidence linking the Donald Trump campaign to the Liberty Action Group.

Fox 17 tried emailing and called the Political Action Committee and our only response is a voicemail saying it's working hard to secure the Presidency for Donald Trump. shows the only things this PAC has spent money on are consultant fees, robocalls and media ads raising more money for the PAC.

There are also cash withdrawals in the thousands with no details on who took that money.

Fox 17 called the Federal Election Commission after it sent this letter, putting the Liberty Action Group on notice.

The FEC tells Fox 17 it's not yet gotten a response from the PAC though they're past their September 12th deadline to respond.

The Federal Election Commission says the PAC is required to re-submit its filing information in its entirety.

Since it's missed the Monday deadline, it could be audited or face other enforcement action yet to be determined.

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