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Brain Wave Optimization

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Brain Wave Optimization

Stacy Case

   Imagine for a moment if you could tame your post traumatic stress disorder, conquer anxiety, overcome insomnia or perform better in sports or at work---- without taking any medication.
   It's called brain wave optimization and it's kind of like recalibrating your car.
   Angelia Sheer is overcoming such a horrific childhood, there's even a movie being made about it.  She says brain wave optimization therapy is the one thing that finally gave her quick and lasting results from post traumatic stress disorder.    She explains, "My father when I was young tried to murder me."

 Sheer's father is George Giffe whom you may remember as the mastermind behind America's first fatal hijacking.  It originated in Nashville in 19-71.  Giffe kidnapped his estranged wife and he convinced them that he was a psychiatrist and she was his mental patient that he was taking for treatment.  Sheer says her step mom was screaming and yelling and begging him not to take her, but somehow he convinced authorities at the airport that she needed to go with him. 

    Once he hijacked the plane, he had the pilot fly him from Nashville to Jacksonville, Florida.   Giffe wanted to go to the Bahamas, but the FBI held them in Florida where Giffe shot the pilot, his estranged wife and himself. Sheer was 12 years old at the time and hid that morning so she wouldn't have to get on that doomed plane.  She adds, "My whole first part of my life I outsmarted a killer.  So many of us have suffered things that were not our fault."

   Things that have left deep, emotional scars and post traumatic stress.
Sheer suffers from insomnia, pain, nightmares, anxiety and hyper vigilance, unable to relax.  She says she finally found relief  through brain wave optimization therapy. 

   Brain waves are measured with these sensors and the sound is played back through ear buds. Think of it as your brain hearing itself in a mirror.
When it recognizes flawed signals, it auto corrects.

  Polly Nelson, owner of Nashville Neuro Training says, "We know trauma causes brain wave activity to get stuck in patterns that cause a person to get stuck in behavior or thinking or feeling that make it hard for that person to be healthy and happy."

   Brain Wave Optimization uses sound which sends signals back to your brain.  Nelson is able to graph brain activity as a person's brain reacts to the sounds. She shows us how Sheer's left side of her brain was way more active than the right side.  Nelson says Sheer had a significant imbalance.
    Sheer could already feel the difference after her treatment saying she had feelings she wasn't able to feel before. She also is able to relax now and not wake up with nightmares and rage.  Sheer calls the graphs visual proof.  They show her brain waves equal on each side after 10 treatments. She finishes, "This has helped me and I feel so strongly about it."

 A lot of veterans report mental benefits from the therapy as do professional and student athletes who've had concussions.   Wake Forest Baptist Medical in North Carolina has conducted studies showing benefits for insomniacs and is doing more scientific studies on other applications.  Here's a link to the research. 

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