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    12/19/14 06:29:01 AM

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Mother Starves 21-Pound, Teen Son To Death

This North Dakota woman has been charged with murdering her 13-year-old son, who weighed only 21 pounds when he died of starvation back in January.

Tiny and frail Aidan Edward Bossingham was found dead in his mothers garbage-strewn Kenmare home, which authorities said was unkempt and reeked of feces. Jessica Lee Jensen, 35, called police last month to tell them the teen had passed on. 

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Rigor mortis had already set in on the boys body which was the size of a small toddlers meaning he had likely been dead for some time, a medical examiner determined.

Nothing was found in the boys stomach, though his mother claimed shed fed him breakfast and then homemade Pedialyte just before his death.

She told officers the tiny teen would eat and then throw up, though a medical examiner found no evidence of her claim.

Due to the age of the child, its extremely tragic, Capt. Bob Barnard of the Ward County Sheriffs Office said.

The teen hadnt been to a doctor since 2008, despite being diagnosed with a human growth hormone deficiency that required regular treatments. At a doctors appointment in 2006, the boy weighed 29 pounds eight pounds more than he weighed at the time of his death some eight years later.

The abused teen was described as gaunt, with bones and joints visible under the skin, with bruises and contusions on various parts of his body.

The abused teen was described as gaunt, with bones and joints visible under the skin, with bruises and contusions on various parts of his body.

Jensen told investigators she didnt take the kids to a doctor because she could solve the problems herself.

Jensen was also charged with abuse of neglect of a child for two other children, a 14-year-old son and 7-year-old girl.

The two boys hadnt been to school since 2009, though investigators found little evidence the woman had made any effort to educate the kids inside their squalid home near the Canadian border.

The youngest had never been to school, could not write her own name and did not know her age, according to court documents.

Little Aidan died from chronic starvation due to untreated juvenile appetite disorder, a medical examiner ruled.

His mother is charged with his murder and held in lieu of $250,000 bond.

The surviving children are staying with relatives