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John Jubilee

The proven success of John’s science-based technology has catapulted him to becoming America’s leading authority on enjoyable, all-natural, pain-free transformation. The John Jubilee 88-Day Transformation™ Experience is quite possibly the most advanced “all-in-one”; optimal wellness, weight-loss and fitness solution in the world. It is used by people from all walks of life, including: entertainment celebrities, actors, professional athletes, medical doctors, surgeons, business people, ministers, white and blue collar workers; men and women of all ages. His leading edge formulas consistently result in sustained long-term weight- loss, fat elimination, excellent fitness, optimal wellness, increased self- confidence and raised self-esteem for anyone who applies them, no matter their size, shape or age.

Today, as “America’s Transformation Authority” John is leading the human development and wellness revolution as he teaches people how to quickly reclaim and transform their lives forever.

  • Proven to Work
  • Sustainable for the rest of your life
  • Everything can be done from home
  • 88 days to transform your life
  • Benefits of Proper Hydration
  • Proper Diet and when to eat ( John guarantee's that you will not go hungry!)
  • Appropriate Exercises that anyone can do


  • Appropriate Time to Exercise 
  • What Supplements to take that are guaranteed safe and clinically proven
  • You will lose FAT
  • You will gain HEALTHY HYDRATION
  • You will gain MUSCLE

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