Police: Trucker drives non-stop from Seattle to Mass. on cocaine, meth, LSD

Photo via Deerfield Police Dept.

SEATTLE - Police say a truck driver drove from Seattle to Deerfield, Massachusetts earlier this week while high on at least three different drugs.

The Deerfield Police Department says the driver admitted to using crystal methamphetamine, LSD and cocaine. The man appears to have driven non-stop, the Police Department says.

His final destination was somewhere on the East Coast.

Luckily, no one was injured.

Officers say they responded to reports of a despondent truck driver at a Circle K convenience store near Greenfield Road Tuesday.

The driver was locked out of his truck, combative and showing signs of drug use, police say.

Officers say the man admitted to using drugs and say was a clear danger to himself and others. He was taken to Franklin Medical Center.

The man's truck and trailer were impounded and brought to a truck stop for a full inspection by the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section.

Police say the man is being charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs. Police say he will be facing many additional charges by State Police Commercial Vehicle Section.

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