5-Year-Old Suffers Serious Injury From Simple Gymnastics Move

Eden Hoelschner-Five year old who suffered serious injury after doing a back bend

LOS ANGELES, Ca.--A five-year-old girl with dreams of being a ballerina is now undergoing intensive therapy following a back injury.

The child lost her ability to walk after doing a simple back-bend at home before Christmas. At first Kylee Hoelscher's daughter started complaining of back pain. The girl kept crying in pain until she suddenly stopped and told her mom her feet felt like they were asleep and collapsed.

Little Eden was put in a controlled state of hypothermia and her parents were told to prepare for the worst.

Eden did survive the procedures but now can't regulate her own temperature and her bowels and bladder don't work. She's confined to a wheelchair but that isn't stopping the girl and her parents from seeking specialized treatment and focusing on overcoming the odds.

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