Vanderbilt students fast for 7 days in effort to boot Wendy's off university dining plan


Vanderbilt University students are launching a 7-day fast in support of a national boycott of Wendy’s.

The students are also using this to launch their campaign to boot Wendy’s off the university’s dining program. The fast is being held from April 18 to the 25.

Advocates started boycotting Wendy’s about a year ago, demanding the fast food giant join the Fair Food Program to protect farmworkers’ rights.

A major Wendy's Boycott student and community march to Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos’ office on April 25.

“Chancellor Zeppos has an important ethical choice to make concerning Vanderbilt’s contract with Wendy’s,” Ania Szczesniewski, a third-year student and faster at Vanderbilt, said. “We’re going without food for seven days to send the message that it is unacceptable for the University to keep doing business with a corporation that willingly chooses to support violence, sexual harassment, wage theft, and dangerous working conditions in their supply chain.”

The fast is in conjunction with other campuses across the country in the “Boot the Braids” campaign.

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