TWRA: 23 boaters arrested this year for BUI at Percy Priest Lake

In this nighttime photo, TWRA Officer Greg Julian administers field sobriety tasks to a boat operator suspected of BUI on Norris Lake. Officer Julian has arrested nine impaired operators on Norris Lake this year. (TWRA)

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said 23 boaters have been arrested so far this year for Boating Under the Influence at J. Percy Priest Lake.

TWRA said it cracked down on BUI this year, especially on Tennessee's busiest waterways -- Percy Priest Lake and Norris Lake in East Tennessee.

J. Percy Priest Lake is about 15 minutes from downtown Nashville and runs through Davidson, Rutherford and Wilson counties. TWRA officials said it attracts a lot of boaters -- 23 of whom were arrested for BUI this season.

“TWRA officers have been engaged in directed patrol to remove impaired operators and provide a safer environment for recreation,” TWRA Lt. Col Glenn Moates said. “Boating is safe and fun when you are sober," adds Moates. As of mid-July, TWRA officers have arrested 23 boat operators for BUI on J. Percy Priest.

In the wake of large boating holidays, TWRA said officers have made a difference to make boating safe for everyone.