Trash piles up around Percy Priest Lake shoreline


Trash is piling up on islands of Percy Priest Lake, and residents blame visitors for the mess.

Neighbors said all trash is left by people partying at the lake.

Bob Hennig and his family live close to Percy Priest Lake. They enjoy water sports and rarely miss a chance to get out on the water.

"They bring their alcohol, beer bottles, food, leave clothes, leave flotation devices, burn fires, and leave it there", Hennig said. "Not only leave it there in certain sections but as you'll see all across the cliff line."

A Fox 17 crew rode along with Hennig and his family to check out the trash along the island shoreline. Some areas have been cleaned up but there's still a lot of trash.

"Besides the partying and the blatant disregard for the ecology, they may throw the stuff in the water," Hennig said. "If the water gets high, there's high winds or rain because there's a lot of drainage that comes down from the neighborhood that comes down through that area, and it will push that trash into the water. We with know styrofoam, fish think it's food

The Nashville Clean Water Project, which spearheaded a giant lake clean up nearly a decade ago, is meeting with the U-S Army Corp of Engineers which is responsible for the lake's up keep next week.

"Glass, metal; sometimes the metal is rusted," Hennig said. "All those things that can occur from an injury standpoint, but the fact of having broken glass, or dogs and you walk your dogs. I know dogs that have been hurt or injured by broken glass as they walk through the areas there."