Transportation Summit focuses on Green Hills traffic concerns

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- It's no secret Nashville's booming growth has had a major impact on transportation.

Saturday one of the areas hardest hit by all the change met to talk about how to keep up.

A summit focusing specifically on Green Hills was held. It included state and local government leaders, as well as residents.

Heidi Welch has lived in Green Hills for 21 years. Among her concerns: foot traffic.

“I’m very concerned and worried about the walking issue,” explains Welch, "there’s a lot of sidewalks that aren't connected, a lot of safety issues with crosswalks, and people not being able to cross busy streets safely.”

Congestion on Hillsboro Pike, busy intersections, and lack of space for pedestrians were also discussed.

“That area has the second or third highest tax revenue when you look at the city overall. Outside of downtown, it's probably one of the top ones. There's a lot of commercial development in that area, probably a little more than you will see anywhere else,” explains Toks Omishakin, with the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

He says a big problem that area is facing is poorly organized roads, and the answer lies in making sure future development is placed appropriately.

“Making smarter decisions, using technology, using transit, thinking about connectivity thinking about development patterns, those are all the key things that continue to need to be in focus,” says Omishakin.

Alliance for Green Hills, a nonprofit advocating for community improvements, hosted the event.

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