TN Ready shows low scores for Tennessee students in math and English

TN Ready shows low scores for Tennessee students in math and English (Fox 17 News)

State releases students’ “TN Ready” results, which show low proficiency numbers for state students in math and English.

TN Ready results from third through eight grade students statewide reveal that 5.7 percent of students are considered as having mastered the English and 28.1 percent who are 'on track.'

In math, 8.9 percent of students are considered mastered with 29.1 'on track.'

“The results are not surprising,” said Teresa Wasson, with the State Collaborative On Reforming Education or TN SCORE. "We know from national assessments that the results that are shown on TN Ready right now, pretty much match with some of the national assessments."

“The broader issue is; what's happening that we're ending up with numbers that are so low for children in Tennessee,” Cynthia Jackson of Nashville said.

Wasson said TN Ready results represent a new way to measure students in Tennessee.

“Teachers get these real detailed reports about what parts of the coursework that students really understand and mastered and what parts they struggled with,” Wasson said. "They take that information and take lessons this year so students in the classroom this year can learn more."

Read more of the TN Ready results here.

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