Tennessee workers, students, taxpayers protest governor's outsourcing plan


"Tennessee is not for sale."

That's the message from state workers, students and taxpayers rallying in Nashville on Thursday.

Hundreds of state workers protested at Legislative Plaza against Gov. Bill Haslam's outsourcing plan, which would privatize maintenance work at state buildings, college campuses, prisons and armories.

Some workers came by bus from East Tennessee. A locksmith at the University of Tennessee says he's fighting to protect his job and thousands of his fellow state workers.

“Whatever it takes to save our jobs we don't want to lose our pay we don't want to lose our benefits we want to remain loyal to our state,” Ed McDaniel said.

State workers and some lawmakers argue it would hurt local employees and benefit out- of- state companies. But Haslam says it will save $35 million a year and help control future tuition hikes.

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