Tennessee volunteers prep to head towards Hurricane Harvey to help Texas victims


Middle Tennessee volunteers packed their bags and hit the road to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

Registered Nurse Allie Pillow is on stand by to help in a Texas Emergency Room.

“I feel blessed to be able to help,” Allie Pillow said.

Between working in the ER and taking care of her husband and two little boys, Allie believes it is her calling to take care of Texas victims.

“We picked my son up early today from school because I just wanted to be near him," Pillow said. "I was so nervous. We were praying at dinner, and I was thinking oh my gosh I might not sit down to another meal at a table.”

Overcome with emotions, Pillow said it feels similar to her time working in the ER during Nashville’s 2010 flood.

“We all worked so well together that I imagine being in Texas is going to be the exact same thing,” Pillow said.

Mary Lockett has been a Red Cross volunteer for more than 10 years.

“Just knowing that I can help someone is the biggest accomplishment that I can say,” Lockett said.

Lockett and other volunteers are loading up one of several Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles ready to deploy to Texas.

“Even though we are prepared for a large event and a very large disaster, it's difficult sometimes to conceptualize how big of an event like that can be,” said David Kitchen, Red Cross Senior Disaster Program Manager.

Kitchen said mass care volunteers are the primary need right now.

“Having watched people suffer, having watched subdivisions in the city just about underwater, people lose everything," Kitchen said. "It's devastating. It's heartbreaking."

That is why people like Allie Pillow and other volunteers are prepared to go into harm’s way to serve those in need.

“I hope someone would do the same for my family,” Allie Pillow said.

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