Tennessee, Nashville officials to review safety following deadly mass shooting at concert

A police officer takes cover behind a truck at the scene of a shooting near the Mandalay Bay resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, in Las Vegas. Multiple victims were being transported to hospitals after a shooting late Sunday at a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip. (AP Photo/John Locher)

City and state officials are slated to take another look at safety following a deadly mass shooting that claimed the lives of more than 50 concert-goers and injured hundreds more.

Convention and Visitor’s Corporation President Butch Spyridon said the CVC and CMA will be making further changes to their safety plans.

On Sunday, a gunman opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on the Las Vegas Strip. As of reports at Monday night, 59 were killed, including Tennessee man Sonny Melton, and 527 had been injured.

The CVC and CMA host two of Nashville’s biggest events, the New Year’s Eve celebration and CMA Fest, respectively.

Spyridon said the agencies learn lessons from unfortunate situations from around the world and are constantly changing and tweaking their plan.

Concertgoers need to be more vigilant than ever, Spyridon added, saying if you “see something, say something.”

“Vigilance is the best step forward in slowing or stopping this kind of behavior,” Spyridon said.

The CVC president said although most bars on Broadway don’t allow weapons, he believes their policies should be more strictly enforced.

Meanwhile, Metro Nashville Police Department Chief Steven Anderson said in a statement he expects to be in contact with Las Vegas Metro Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo concerning the specifics about the shooting.

Anderson said he and the department are committed to protecting the people of Nashville, although “it can be extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to know what is in the mind of a lone gunman despite our best efforts.”

MNPD Chief Steve Anderson Statement

“The men and women of the Metropolitan Police Department are shocked and saddened by Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims as well as the first responders and medical personnel who continue to deal with this unimaginable tragedy.

This police department’s resolve to protect Nashville’s families and visitors in neighborhoods and during special events has never been stronger. Our lines of communication with federal and state law enforcement partners are open and strong as we jointly conduct threat assessments. Nevertheless, Sheriff Lombardo in Las Vegas is right that it can be extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to know what is in the mind of a lone gunman despite our best efforts.

In the coming weeks, I expect to speak with Sheriff Lombardo concerning the specifics of last night’s events. We will incorporate any lessons learned into our training protocols at the MNPD Academy as we pledge to do everything humanly possible to keep our city safe.”

The city of Nashville, CVC and CMA are slated to host a vigil Monday night to honor the Las Vegas shooting victims.

Tennessee state officials are also sounding off on safety, with Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner David Purkey saying residents need to “be prepared” for these types of events “that are becoming more common.”

The Tennessee DHS offers free active shooter training.

Statement from the Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner David W. Purkey

“My deepest condolences are with the victims and their families who suffered from the horrific event in Las Vegas. No one should fall victim at the hands of a person who wants to cause such harm and tragedy. This active shooter executed a calculated and terrifying plan that resulted in mass casualties.

It is very hard for us to understand why a person would want to cause such tragedy. We must prepare ourselves for these types of events that are becoming more common. I want to remind our citizens that if you see or hear of something that does not look or feel normal and seems suspicious, report the information to your local law enforcement. Our department offers free active shooter training for groups in hopes of educating people on what to do if you are involved in an active shooter situation. I encourage our citizens to take advantage of the training and prepare for the unfortunate.

Again, I extend my prayers to all who experienced this unconceivable event.”

The Safe Tennessee Project, a grassroots organization that addresses gun-related injuries and gun violence in the Volunteer State, said they continue to be committed to fight gun violence.

The Safe Tennessee Project Statement

“We at The Safe Tennessee Project are deeply saddened by the mass shooting in Las Vegas overnight and the truly astonishing number of people killed and injured. Our hearts are broken for the families of those who were lost, and our thoughts are with those who are still fighting for their lives. Our thoughts are also with those who witnessed the shootings and the brave first responders on the scene. Bearing witness to a mass shooting and its aftermath will undoubtedly haunt them for years to come.

To lose a loved one in such an unexpected and violent way is sadly too common in our country. Like Tennesseans and Americans everywhere, we will continue to pray for the victims, their families, and the city of Las Vegas. But, we know that thoughts and prayers are not nearly enough. We remain committed to fighting the gun violence plaguing our country. Doing nothing isn’t an option. It can’t be.”

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