Tennessee family seeks answers after man dies in deputy custody


A Tennessee family is asking for justice Wednesday after a Nashville man died while in custody at a Missouri sheriff's department.

Natasha Nance said her family wants answers about what lead to the death of her nephew Tory Sanders in Mississippi County, Missouri.

The father of eight died Friday in a Missouri jail. Relatives still aren't sure how he came to be sitting in Mississippi County's jail.

Sanders's family said he got lost on the way to Memphis to visit family last week. They said he came into contact with Mississippi County Missouri law enforcement to for help.

The family speculates authorities may have detained him on a protective hold for having a mental breakdown. His aunt, Natasha Nance, said he called his mother afterwards concerned.

"He was like 'no they're not trying to help me momma they're trying to kill me, they are trying to electrocute me'," Nance said. "That's what he was telling his mother."

Nance said deputies denied Sanders' claims on the phone. His aunt said the call ended after Sanders stopped responding.

Trouble did follow later with an altercation involving Sheriff Cory Hutcheson, his deputies and Sanders.

Sanders died following that altercation.

"Restrain them and tase them and brutalize them in a cell this is not the way you treat people with mental health issues in America," said family attorney Michael Hoskins. "Certainly it appears from the info we have that the death was wrongful."

Adding to the family's suspicions, the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office is already facing other two lawsuits involving treatment of inmates.

Additionally Sheriff Hutcheson was facing criminal charges and a suspended license related to other incidents.

On Monday, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley suspended Sheriff Hutcheson from his duties.

"The judge's order last night will prevent Cory Hutcheson from interfering in our investigation into Friday's events and death at the Mississippi County jail," Hawley said in a statement. "It will prevent him from any further abuse of his office."

Sanders' family is demanding a thorough and independent investigation.

"We just want justice we want this to never happen to anybody else family," Nance said.

The family also questions why Sheriff Hutcheson was on duty Friday given the charges he is facing.

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