TDOT, THP urge caution during nighttime road construction after deadly crash


The Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Tennessee Department of Transportation urged drivers to be cautious during nighttime road construction projects, after a crash killed six people in Kentucky.

The crash happened near nighttime construction, according to the Kentucky State Police.

A semi failed to stop at the traffic backup and slammed into a car causing a chain reaction involving another car and another semi.

The cause is still under investigation, but THP encourages all drivers to avoid driving drowsy, put the phone down, focus on the road, and be aware of the traffic can come to a sudden stop when workers are on site.

"If you're driving, give yourself plenty of room when you're out on the roadways so you can make those defensive maneuvers if you can," said Lt. Travis Plotzer with the THP.

Kathryn Schulte, TDOT spokesperson, said many of the construction projects in middle Tennessee are happening after dark.

"A lot of our construction projects, particularly our resurfacing projects, they happen at night," Schulte said. "We do that to reduce the traffic impact to the traveling public."

While working at night means less traffic volume, Plotzer said nighttime project bring other problems.

"Obviously, you might be faced with drowsy drivers at night," Plotzer said. "We want to make sure drivers are well rested."

That's especially important in the mid to late summer as you can expect to see more nighttime construction in middle Tennessee

"We've got a big resurfacing job on I-65 basically from Armory Drive down to the Williamson County Line," Schulte said. "We've also got ongoing night work in the Spring Street area getting ready for our accelerated bridge project so if you're traveling at night it might not be something you'd expect to run into road construction. There certainly are several road projects around Nashville that you need to be aware of."

You can find a list of road closures and construction on the TDOT website.

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