TBI: AMBER ALERT subject Elizabeth Thomas "could be anywhere"

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says they have received 125 leads in the search for missing teen Elizabeth Thomas and have now issued a second nationwide BOLO.

TBI spokesman Josh DeVine says the leads have been "alarmingly low" and at this point the trail has "gone fairly cold." DeVine says Thomas and the former teacher she is in the custody of, Tad Cummins, could be anywhere.

"It's absolutely important that everyone in this nation know about these individuals because frankly, they could be anywhere right now," DeVine said. "We've amped up our language because we really need the public to know that this young girl is in danger."

Cummins is facing a charge of sexual contact with a minor. He has no criminal history in the state of Tennessee, DeVine said.

There have been no credible sightings of Thomas or Cummins. However, information was developed through investigators that Thomas was in Decatur, Alabama at some point after she went missing. DeVine said the case has gone "fairly cold."

DeVine is asking anyone who has had contact with Thomas or Cummins in the previous weeks to contact the TBI and share information because any information could hold the key to finding Thomas.

"We need the public to keep your eyes out, pay attention....if you spot them, call 9-1-1," DeVine says.

The FBI is joining in to assist in the investigation. DeVine said it will bring manpower and resources.

If anyone has information about the days leading up to their disappearance or interactions with Cummins or Thomas, they are asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

"It might just be the thing that breaks this wide open," adds DeVine.

DeVine confirmed the involvement of the FBI in the case, which is offering some resources during the investigation and is standard practice.

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