Residents: Crash that injured Sumner County first responders puts focus on dangerous road

(Courtesy Sumner County EMS)

UPDATE: (6 p.m.)

Three first responders injured when a car rear-ended an ambulance are out of the hospital.

The crash is focusing new attention on a dangerous intersection that county residents say desperately needs a design change or traffic light.

The first responders had traffic stopped on New Shackle Island after a motorcycle crash.

Suddenly the driver of a Nissan Versa backed into another car and began driving around traffic, sideswiping a vehicle before slamming into the back of an ambulance.

Francine Daniels says she's been asking County Highway Officials and TDOT to install a traffic light at New Shackle Island and Drakes Creek Road.

"New Shackle Island is bumper-to-bumper between certain hours of the day. You cannot get out here and turn left did you take your life in your hands when you do it," says Daniels.

The crash Saturday night injured three First Responders.

"The impact threw paramedic from the back of the ambulance outside Threw the deputy onto the vehicle and into the ditch," said EMS Chief, Keith Douglas.

Chief Douglas says the driver of a Nissan Versa, slammed into an ambulance at the scene of a motorcycle accident injuring Paramedic Rick Slack and Sheriff's Deputy, Michelle Scott.

He says the design of the newer model ambulance helped.

"In this case the bumper and the lower portion of the ambulance took the impact and absorb all of that which resulted in very minimal damage," said Douglas.

New Shackle Fire Chief, Martin Bowers says, Firefighter, Michael Moore suffered a broken foot after the driver ran over his foot.

He says the section of roadway is notorious for accidents.

"This intersection is our number one intersection for minor accidents. Most of your accident right here are rear-enders, people not paying attention, said Bowers.

Francine is glad the first responders are going to be ok, but fears without a traffic light, rapid growth in the area is only raising the risk at an already dangerous intersection.

"It's a time bomb. Why do we have to wait for the bomb to go off. Let's be proactive about this," said Daniels.

State trooper say the driver who caused the crash, Calvin F. Emanuel II had a suspended license. They're investigating whether a medical emergency may have contributed to the crash.


Sumner County officials are urging people to move over and take the proper safety precautions after a deputy, firefighter and EMS worker were hit by a vehicle over the weekend.

Crews were hit while working a motorcycle accident at New Shackle Island Road and Drakes Creek Road about 8:30 p.m. Saturday night.

All three workers received non-life threatening injuries.

Sumner County EMS said that intersection is no stranger to first responders. They said the actual intersection is blinded and the road could use a review and design.

"We have spots like that all throughout the county," EMS officials said.

officials said the ambulance itself also sustained damage, but it appears to be cosmetic.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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