Sumner Co. EMT describes moments after driver hit first responders


A Sumner County EMT is home from the hospital Tuesday after a driver hit first responders on the scene of a motorcycle crash over the weekend.

The events of Saturday night's crash are still fresh for Sumner County EMT Ricky Slack.

Standing on the back ledge of his ambulance, Slack was helping the victim of a motorcycle crash at the intersection of New Shackle Island and Drakes Creek Road when he became a victim himself.

“I was standing here looking out, and I came out and went to this side over here and landed in the gravel on the side of the road,” Slack said.

Slack was one of three Sumner County emergency responders injured that night by a driver who may have been suffering a medical emergency. Officers said the driver backed into another car and began driving around traffic before sideswiping a vehicle and slamming into the back of the ambulance.

“From what they told me, the driver that did this had a diabetic incident," said Chief Martin Bowers of New Shackle Island Fire and Rescue. "His blood sugar was 26 or 29. When you get down that low, you can't think right. That's what caused it actually."

A crash is something that seems like it would be a blur, but Slack remembers what he heard and saw that night all too well. He especially remembers what happened to Deputy Michelle Scott, who was working the accident right next to him.

“The next thing, he hit the ambulance and I closed my eyes and lost sight of the officer, and didn't see her," Slack said. "Well, of course, I thought he had crushed her under the ambulance. I looked up, and I kept looking for the officer. I looked down and she was laying down the hill. She wasn't moving, and I could see her blinking her eyes.”

Deputy Scott is recovering from serious injuries but has been released from the hospital and is expected to be okay.

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