Some Lower Broadway establishments feel left out of Preds' success

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The Nashville Predators are making history Thursday night with the birth in the Western Conference final and attempt at an NHL record.

Nashville has never seen this much revenue come in from the team. Everyone in the city wants a piece of the Preds success financial pie, but some say they're not getting their fair share.

Those who are upset blame the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp for it.

Ever since the beginning of the third round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, the CVC has hosted Preds watch parties on the lawn in front of the downtown Hilton hotel.

It's right next to the Preds Plaza party, which is put on by Bridgestone Arena outside the front entrance of the building. Much like the Preds Plaza party, CVC's lawn party offers beer, soda and food for purchase.

Hundreds of fans gather on the lawn at both parties to watch Preds games.

It's these fans that two Lower Broadway establishments want to see eating, drinking, and watching the game at their bars.

An owner and a GM of two establishments feel that the CVC is taking customers away from them.

A text message sent by an owner to Fox 17 reads:

"We are down on Broadway 365 days a year grinding it out, supporting our team and town. Here we are 3rd round and would love to reap the benefits of our season long investment and get done great food and beverage sales. Frustrating to have the city set up a plaza party on our doorstep selling food and drink that directly affects our revenue."

Sheila Loudermilk and her son Justin are from Johnson City. They have Predators season tickets and understand where the establishments are coming from.

"I do understand their perspective of it," Loudermilk said. "I would hope that the local people would still go to their establishments and be loyal to them as they have been in the past."

"I guess at the bars there might be more tourists, things like that, that are there for the Nashville part of it, where this is all Predators," Justin Loudermilk said.

The Nashville CVC will continue to host Preds watch parties at Music City Walk of Fame Park through the 3rd Round of the playoffs. There is no word if it will continue, if the Preds advance.

Fox 17 reached out to the CVC for comment on this story, but have yet to hear back.

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