Small community reacts to murder suspects being arrested in their area

(Mug photos)

Rutherford County residents are being credited with the capture of those two Georgia Fugitives.

Auctioneer Brad Muse had been on Pruitt Road clearing land for an upcoming sale.

"Getting ready to auction off 100 acres a dead ends Pruitt Road here kind of scary thinking they could've been through the woods with guns or whatever they had," Muse, with Clark Maples Realty and Auction Company, said.

That's exactly what happened to Patrick Hale when Georgia Fugitives Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe showed up in his backyard.

"First indication that we got before we got on the scene was they had taken their shirts off and their hands were up," Rutherford County Sheriff Michael Fitzhugh said.

The pair crashed their stolen Jeep near I-24 and ran till they got to Pruitt Road where Hale and another homeowner held them until police arrived.

"I'd say the actions were very brave it was very dangerous also, I've got to commend them for what they did," Sheriff Fitzhugh said.

It's a shocking and peaceful end to a crime spree that started with the murder of two corrections officers.

"It’s a very quiet community, a very rule area, everybody keeps to their self so to have cameras the news people out here it's going to extraordinary actually," Muse said.

The sheriff says since the fugitives are not fighting extradition they could be transported to Georgia in a few days to face murder charges.

They could also face additional charges in Tennessee for firing at officers.

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