Severe weather outlook downgraded for parts of Tennessee but some threats remain

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has downgraded most of the Middle Tennessee areas to a Level-II in the Severe Outlook Index today.

Wile the downgrade takes most mid-state counties out of the "Enhanced" category, strong and severe storms are still expected. However parts of Southern Kentucky along with Stewart, Montgomery, and Robertson counties in Tennessee are still included in the "Enhanced" risk areas.

Even though there has been a downgrade, the threat for isolated, intense storms remains with one or two tornadoes possible.


Storms are expected to hit between 2 p.m. to 11 p.m., impacting evening rush hour traffic.

Impacted by storms? Share your photos HERE and they will be added to our weather photo gallery and possibly used on-air!

BOOKMARK THIS: Middle Tennessee Severe Weather Resource Guide/Contact Sheet

The index uses a number scale of 1-5 for severe storms as follows:

1. MARGINAL: Isolated severe thunderstorms are possible. They are limited in duration, coverage and/or intensity. Winds between 40-60 mph, hail up to 1" and low tornado risk.

2. SLIGHT: Scattered Severe Storms are possible. These storms are short-lived and not widespread. Isolated intense storms are possibe. One or two tornadoes are possible. Reports of strong wind damage and isolated hail between 1-2" possible.

3. ENHANCED: Numerous Severe Storms are possible. A few of the storms may be intense and/or widespread. A few tornadoes are possible, several reports of wind damage and damaging hail between 1-2" possible.

4. MODERATE: Widespread Severe Storms are likely. These storms will be long-lived, widespread and intense. Strong tornadoes possible, widespread wind damage and "Destructive" hail 2" or bigger.

5. HIGH: Widespread Severe Storms are expected. These storms are long-lived, very widespread and particularly intense. Tornado outbreaks expected.

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