Red Boiling Springs neighbors divided over decision to fire police chief


Red Boiling Springs made its name decades ago with its mineral water.

The pumps around town no longer work and conversation has shifted to a topic boiling much hotter than water.

Opinions are split on this week's firing of Police Chief Terry Tuck.

"I am upset about it because I really liked Terry," said lifelong resident Mary Evans.

Evans is among those upset the City Council fired Tuck Thursday night.

The decision followed a closed door meeting on a complaint against Tuck filed by a city employee.

Red Boiling Springs has not released details of that complaint, but Evans doesn't believe what she's heard about it.

"Oh no he shouldn't have been fired at all," Evans said. "I think he's done nothing wrong."

Not everyone agrees though.

Red Boiling Springs resident Tonya Smith told Fox 17 news an interaction a relative had with Tuck left her with little doubt he should have been fired.

"I've always liked him as a person but I've seen and heard too much stuff to where it didn't surprise me," Smith said.

Tuck has the option of trying to fight for his job at a grievance hearing.

District Attorney General Tom Thompson told Fox 17 News he is aware of the allegations, but no criminal complaints have been filed on Tuck.

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