Red Boiling Springs City Council fires Police Chief, offers public few explanations why


After 24 years on the job Red Boiling Springs Chief Terry Tuck is out.

Red Boiling Springs City Council voted 5 to 0 with one abstention to fire Tuck.

That vote followed a closed door meeting on a recent complaint against the now former police chief.

Following the vote Council Members declined to comment on what that complaint entailed.

Mayor Tom Fultz would only say the complaint arose from a city employee.

"It's an incident that has happened. It's been laid at our doorstep. We've had to deal with it," said Fultz.

The council made a related decision Thursday night to install video cameras inside city hall and review that video periodically.

Chief Tuck declined to answer any questions from Fox 17.

He does have the option to file a grievance with the council.

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