President Trump compares himself to Andrew Jackson during Nashville visit

(Sean Spicer/ Twitter)

President Donald Trump drew comparisons between himself and Andrew Jackson during his Nashville visit.

"Henry Clay, Secretary of State for the defeated John Quincy Adams, called Jackson's victory mortifying and sickening,” Trump said Wednesday. “Oh, boy does that sound familiar. Have we heard this!"

The president toured the historic home of Andrew Jackson, then laid a wreath on his tomb in honor of Jackson’s 250th birthday.

He then gave a brief speech on the grounds.

"Andrew Jackson was called many names, accused of many things and by fighting for change earned many, many enemies,” Trump said. “Today the portrait of this orphan son who rose to the presidency hangs proudly in the Oval Office."

Trump’s visit drew protests from local Native Americans.

Jackson was a slave owner and played a role in the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which pushed Native Americans west of the Mississippi River.

The American Indian Coalition held a protest outside the home Wednesday morning.

The president arrived at 4:15 p.m. after the protesters had left.

Dozens of supporters including Jamie Chastain cheered as the motorcade sped by.

Her triplet sons held signs that read “Triplets for Trump.”

“I just thought it be a neat experience for them to see the motorcade come through just be supportive of our government and thought it be fun,” Chastain said. “We got out of school early so we could come here and witness it.”

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