Pet Microchips: hidden fees?

Many people bring in animals to the Pet Community Center. Kay Artibee is carrying out 5 rescue kittens...

"Make sure they all have really good homes, "says Artibee.

She says , her own cats are at home, and micro-chipped.

Artibee says, "They're sneaky sometimes. It offers a lot of peace of mind to a pet owner which it does for me, and also for someone who might find a lost pet."

Artibee brings lost animals to vets and clinics, like this east nashville non-profit. CEO, Natalie Corwin says most centers have micro-chip scanners.

Corwin says, "Their identification number pops up and then we're able to call the microchip manufacturer and they tell us who the owner of the pet is so many animals come into our local shelter system and many of them have homes but there's no way to reconnect them with their families."

To connect to most microchip companies-online registration costs anywhere from 15-50 dollars.There's a variety of manufacturers and some charge an annual membership fee,

Pet community center offers microchips for less than $15 through "Found Animals."

Artibee says, "You can register any chip with any brand for free you don't have to worry about additional costs and your pet is registered for life."

Corwin still recommends collars, but keeping owner contact information updated in the database...makes the biggest difference in this small chip.

Pet Community Center also provides a mobile chipping unit.

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