Personnel file of Officer Josh Lippert gives details of his time at MNPD

Fox 17 News is digging deeper into the personnel file of Metro Police Officer Josh Lippert.

In five years with Metro Police, Lippert has been disciplined eight times, resulting in 20 days of suspension.

According to documents obtained by Fox 17 News, Lippert violated the departments use of force policy during two separate occasions during his five years with the department.

The most recent incident had been in 2015 when Lippert had been suspended for eight days for displaying, "poor judgment in using physical force to extract a motorist from his vehicle on a traffic stop.”

According to the driver, another officer on the scene, not Lippert, used the n word during an arrest before officer Lippert slammed him to the ground. Documents reveal an officer on the scene "did not hear anyone use profanity or say the n word," the driver in that case received minor injuries.

On June 2 2013, outside of Honky Tonk Central on Broadway, according to police documents, “Officer Lippert used poor judgement while arresting a suspect, placing himself and others in danger -- his actions created the necessity to use force against an intoxicated subject.”

Lippert also claimed a highly intoxicated man attempted to strike him in the stomach during an arrest, at which point Lippert says he "attempted to guide the person to the ground." After an internal review, Metro Police suspended Lippert because “contrary to training and sound judgement, he removed handcuffs from a reportedly combative and aggressive arrestee without first ensuring replacement restraints had been in place.”

Lippert has also received the departments Lifesaving Award in 2014 and has several other commendations.

Lippert is currently on administrative assignment following the deadly shooting of Jocques Clemmons.

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